• Afterlife has been released!  Purchase your copy NOW at your local bookstore or by clicking on the link to the right. 
  • Production has finished on The Deal. It will be released on DVD this fall. 





  • 9/1 - Interviewed by Geek World Radio - click here to listen to Stormcrow discuss Afterlife as well as his career and inspirations
  • Interviewed for Comic Book Heroes by Philip Clark.  You can watch the interview here:


  • Afterlife has been on the shelves barely a week and already reviews are popping up on the net.  Here are some of our favorites: 

                    The Comic Book Bin 




  • I just returned from a great month in Japan.  Read my journal and see pictures from my trip.



  • Short profiles of a few of the people I work with and know -- for better or worse.




Below are links to other writers, artists, musicians, cartoonists, or anything or anyone interesting enough that I want to share. 



  • Active Images -- Richard Starkings (of Comicraft fame) publishes top notch indie comics.
  • J. Mark Lytle -- Having been to Tokyo, I can assure you, they are already living in the future. Keep up on technology trends coming out of Tokyo at this website.
  • Joshua Dysart -- writer of Swamp Thing, Violent Messiahs, Tex!, and much more (including the intro for Afterlife). He is a kind soul and a brilliant mind.
  • Michael Gilvary -- this is a useful and entertaining blog by an up and coming A-list screenwriter.
  • Nye Wright -- An occasional contributor to The Idiot, he has many fine works of his own out that you can check out by looking at his website.
  • Paul Harmon -- The author and artist of Mora, published by Image.
  • Spalding Gray -- Sure, Spud has past away, but his memory and his amazing body of work live on and you can help keep his spirit alive by checking out the official website (kept up by jb, a true Spuddy fan).



  • The Mountain Goats -- I love this band. The best album to start with is Tallahassee, but I dig all of their music.
  • Local Savior -- Lots of free music from the band can be downloaded here.
  • Dengue Fever -- If you like your rock music fused with Cambodian flavor, then you need to check out these cats.



  • FRONTLINE -- one of the most informative shows on television. You can stream most episodes online. I highly recommend "The Meth Epidemic," "The Insurgency," "The Storm," (about Katrina) and "Private Warriors" though most of them are exceptionally good.

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