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Welcome to the Afterlife... 
Unfortunately, you've arrived just in time to witness the end of eternity.  But is there an after life for the Afterlife?  That's just what Thaddeus, a guardian, tries to learn.  He tries to recruit Mercutio, his friend and colleague, to aid him on his quest, but Mercutio cares only about finding his lost love Arrabella.


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Vietnam Vet

Andrew Davis illustrates this four-panel comic strip about a middle-aged vet working a low-income job in a mall department store.  Is he bitter about making the same income as his 16-year-old colleague?  You bet.
Azimo & Ashley

Azimo is the misfit son of Asmodeus, Prince of Hell.  In order to make his father proud and take up his mantle by father's side, Azimo needs to collect 101 souls.  So far, he has one, Ashley's.  Ashley is your typical college freshman: depressed, lovelorn, homesick, flunking history and occasionally drunk.  However, when she signs away her soul, Azimo feels guilty.  Instead of enjoying her suffering at the ironic twists of her settlement, he tries to help her find a way out of the foolproof and very binding contract.  Little do either of them expect to become friends along the way.  After all, what girl couldn't use a little devilish help?


This project beautifully illustrated by Amanda Thomas.

The Skeptic

Hauntingly illustrated by Rob Steen (Afterlife, Flanimals), "The Skeptic" is a 12-page darkly humorous take of horror written in the style of the old EC comics from the 1950s.

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The Deal


Shot on location in Barcelona, Spain, this feature film starring Penelope Ann Miller (Carlito's Way, The Relic), Henry Thomas (E.T.Legends of the Fall), and Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap, Blue Velvet) will come out this fall on DVD. 

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Other Work

The Idiot Magazine

A monthly comedy webzine published and edited by Stormcrow Hayes and Brian Campbell.  Often featuring the works of such writers and artists as Judd Trichter, Commander Joey, Michael Buckley, Nye Wright, Andrew Davis, and many more.


Fiction, non-fiction, articles, and any other collection of words I feel the desire to share.

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