Screenwriter -- Have a story, but don't know how to write it?  Have a script, but your dialogue is off?  Whether it's starting at page one or a page one rewrite, I can help you create a script that hits all the marks and gives you an edge when you knock on production company doors.  


Script Doctor -- Can't figure out why your script isn't working?  Does it drag in the second act, but you don't know how to fix it?  Then you need a script doctor to troubleshoot your script.  I can read and analyze your script, treatment or synopsis and provide solutions.  


Treatment and Synopsis -- I have written dozens of each and I know how to tell a compelling story to get the main points across in either a few paragraphs or a few pages.


Polish -- Sometimes your script just needs a dialogue polish to give it that extra pizzazz. 


Everything Else -- I've written commercials, outlines, graphic novels, adapted novels into other mediums or from other languages. In short, I can handle almost any writing assignment offered. 


Fees -- The cost for all of these services is negotiable.  Please contact me for further details and provide as much information as possible. 

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